Focused Advice

Investment Planning

We understand that in order to achieve a prudent investment plan, there must be clearly defined specific objectives. Our recommended portfolios are designed to align with and meet specific client objectives indicated by a customized strategic financial plan or risk tolerance questionnaire (RTQ). We aim to keep expenses to an absolute minimum by scouring the universe of investment options and utilizing a passive investment approach.

Asset Class Diversification

We utilize various asset classes within each of our portfolios to seek investment diversification and to manage portfolio volatility. Using broad market diversification within each of these classes further mitigates the volatility found with individual security selection.

Fees and Expenses

We recognize that expenses associated with our portfolios have a direct impact on portfolio performance; we seek to keep the total expense structure low by utilizing low cost index funds, ETFs and institutional class mutual funds. Because we are 100% independent, we have no incentive to guide you towards expensive investment options. We receive no compensation or perks from any investment company, any fund, any family of funds, or any vendor or service provider we use or may recommend.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We review every investment position specific to each portfolio and reallocate when necessary to keep each investment portfolio in balance. This controls a portfolio that has deviated away from the target asset allocation by bringing the portfolio back into line.